This is the second stage of the text version of an electronic project on the activity of George Fox and his colleagues and helpers in the North West of England during the years 1652–1653.

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It is primarily intended for Quakers worldwide; scholars; and those who live in and/or love the North West of England and would like to delve into one important aspect of its history and topography. It should provide ideas (and maps) for those who would like to follow Fox’s journeys and, in the later stages of the site, those of his companions and disciples, the ‘Valiant Sixty’.

Initially our focus has been on the journeys of George Fox from his vision on Pendle Hill in early 1652 to his return to Yorkshire at the end of 1653, by which time the Quaker movement was firmly established. Our starting point is his own account, and we have produced a completely new electronic edition of all three versions of the Journal. Currently other material — maps, photographs, biographies, other contemporary accounts, and videos — are accessed from links in the text. There are also short introductions and links to this material under separate headings accessible from the ‘Home’ page.

This version has been updated to accommodate changes in screen aspect and resolution. It is also undergoing a general overhaul, partly cosmetic, and partly to enable us in the near future to include new features such as GIS mapping. In a couple of weeks we hope to have put up all of our transcription of the Long Journal — at the moment it takes Fox up to prison in Carlisle. In a few weeks more we should have both the other versions of the Journal up in full. This will complete Phase One of our original project. Adding illustrative material (images, notes, biographies, further acounts, videos, and so on) is an ongoing affair: we hope you will enjoy watching it and our knowledge grow.

Go to the section ‘The Project’, accessible from the ‘Home’ page, for more information.

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