Video: York Resurrection, Pilate plots a cover-up with Annas and Caiaphas

After the Crucifixion, Pilate summons Annas and Caiaphas to discuss how they can ensure that there will be no political repercussions. Ths clip shows one way of commanding the audience's attention at the beginning of a pageant.

Performed at Lancaster, Cartmel, Carlisle, Durham, and at York on the original pageant route in the Festival of 1992. This station is in York's Stonegate (sun in the wrong direction for filming).
Cast: Pilate Matthew Thibodeau; Caiaphas Peter Sampson; Annas Mark Saxby; Soldier 1 Tim Lodge; Soldier 2 Ian Hobart; Soldier 3 Phill Smith; Soldier 4 Terry Peers.

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